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In 111 seconds of dance, she drew thousands of sculptures.
This website is the digital exhibition of the work Be twin lines.
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Be twin lines

From one dance to thousands of sculptures, Be Twin lines could be defined as a pair of moving sculptures generated by a dance, born from collaborative R&D and creative technology at Lezar studio.

Shapes. A single innovative artwork for a singular NFT collection: 2775 unique sculpture pairs representing each frame of the dance (111 seconds, with 25 images per second). Each NFT embeds the IP of the 3D model of its related frame, revealed to the acquirer through a randomization algorithm. The interactive digital experience proposed will be evolutive.

Specimens. Specimens are a series of physical possibilities for the sculptures, resulting from technological breakthroughs. Each of them is the result from the research of an artistic and realistic equilibrium transposed into the real world : material, color, print shade, trim nature, thickness.

3D printing. NFT utility as Art finality. Beyond the rich visual experience, the NFT holders, through 3D printing, have the possibility to materialize their frame in the specimen of their choice and become the last collaborators of the creative chain. The Be twin lines adventure is an R&D exploration that is all about transforming its promise in prowess, a digital artwork transformed into a physical piece of art.

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