Rather than its actual nature, the interaction of the work with its beholder characterizes the quest for Collaboration between the Artists and the Public.

Be twin lines is the allegory of an evolution of Art, the illustration of a model that honors creation not as a work result but as a collaborative journey. The creator is, in reality, not one artist but a group of contributors, and, by extension, an artistic (and technological) ecosystem reflecting the image of a contemporary society. It is based on a global collaborative mechanism in which everyone is both a contributor and a beneficiary, a craftsman and a user, artist and public. In both cases, creator of value.

The Be twin lines creative chain has brought together many collaborators from different fields of competence (artistic, technological...) and each one, from the conception to the acquisition, is an essential actor allowing the project to reach its ambition.


From a digital experience… Be twin lines proposes a dance immersion in evolutive 3D shapes. The artwork, consisting of its 2775 individual unique frames, is first exhibited on the website through a 3D interface. The visitors, while circling the moving sculpture, explore the artwork from all angles and display it in the different specimens. Observation then turns to interaction and discovery becomes projection. Augmented and virtual reality features will be integrated through time, bringing the sculptures from screens to the metaverse. The Be twin lines digital museum will complete the digital promise by offering the community new virtual and exclusive experiences.

…To physical art. Be twin lines NFT’s holders are the artwork’s guardians. Not only do they own the IP of the frame they acquired, but they retain the only key for activating the base 3D model. By benefiting from the Lezar partners network through a transparent and friendly utility experience, holders can print their frame in 3D into the “specimens” of their choice. In its aim to develop and democratize the use and applications of 3D printing, the Be twin lines project proposes to edit each of these prints at factory cost only, and all the following ones at “Creative Angel” price.


We believe in the potential of 3D printing and the solutions it will bring to the world of tomorrow. Be twin lines fosters innovation connected with the 3D printing tech through the prototyping and development of future specimens and features. The project is also about providing access to it. This is why Lezar makes an important promise to reinvest in this industry, by offering the community of NFT owners exceptional benefits, made possible by the Be twin lines model:

  • To meet the promise of providing physical artwork at a highly accessible price, the first 3D print of each frame will be proposed to its owner at factory costs only, and the following ones at “Creative Angel” price.
  • When Be twin lines collection sells out, an exceptional surprise will be revealed to the entire community: the release of an Ultimate specimen. Lezar will thus finance the production of this mysterious material.
  • Rewards will be offered to the Be twin lines collectors through time.
  • More than half of revenue will be reinvested into new features, exhibition events, and the development of a sustainable 3D printing process. This will guarantee the community a durable, innovative and unprecedented art experience.


Be twin lines is not a quest for ownership. In addition to the IP of the 3D model of a frame and its artistic value, this project offers an opportunity to take part in a creative adventure, a community-based and collaborative artwork that continues to write its own story and deliver its utility promises even after the production goes live.

The NFT acquirers become the Creative Angels of Be twin lines. They are the project investors who finance its promise and evolution. Acquirers have a real impact on Be twin lines (physical printing choices, future features, new experiences,…). They thus enter the Lezar community and get privileged access to private events, whitelists for new Lezar curated collection pre-sales, as well as other benefits.

NFT owners will have the opportunity to interact with the Be twin lines community and public, share and show their models and printed specimens in both digital and physical exhibitions, at Lezar House and in their own space, in the Digital Museum or other metaverses.

Communication on such events will be proposed through time by Lezar, or by community members’ initiative.

behind cover image


The artwork is composed of 2775 frames that can each be acquired as NFTs. To have a physical pair of sculptures printed in 3D in a given specimen, you must own a Be twin lines NFT. The frame associated with each NFT remains unknown to the acquirer until he/she activates the “Reveal” animation, discovers which frame, and thus which printable shape is behind it. The secondary market can acquire Be twin lines NFTs directly. Among the already revealed NFT’s, they will select the frame that resonates the most with them.

Be twin lines is international. The collection is available on Lezar NFT marketplace, IP focused and specialized in the distribution of meaningful art collections with a digital-to-physical dimension, on the Tezos blockchain. The blockchain technology secures the artwork by guaranteeing the immutability of the authenticity certificate of each frame (NFT), its uniqueness, the transparency of the owners history since the mint and its first transaction, as well as the storage of all the information relative to the 3D model, IP and associated rights.


25 frames per second. The 111 seconds of dancing have been broken down into 2775 frames. Once these images were isolated they were cropped by aligning their edges with the rotational axes of the dancer's curves, which then model the vases. A computer program has been designed to extract, with the utmost precision, the outline of the body from each image.

Starting from the border of the image, a first algorithm horizontally scans the first line of pixels until it detects the dancer's body, thus situating the first point in the curve. Incrementally, it repeats this operation from bottom to top, extracting the location of the other points as it progresses upwards. This process is repeated for each image of the dance.. The set of coordinates is saved into a matrix that constitutes the work’s genetic sequencing.

A second algorithm generates the two curves in space and then revolves them around their respective vertical axes. By reading the matrix as one would read time, it associates each point with its successive locations in chronological order of the images, and retraces the dance. A moving sculpture is born.

But another code is deeply hidden in the work... Will you find it ?


The 2775 possible pairs had to be 3D printable in different materials, pushing the capabilities of 3D printing technology in terms of curvature. The major challenge was to ensure their printability, by controlling the angle values of the shapes generated, in relation to their respective axes of symmetry.

The feasibility of the entire collection was predicted by developing an algorithm that represents, for each time interval, the value of angles with different colors on the surface of each volume. By iterative analysis of these results, the choreography was adjusted until the ideal dance was found, in which angles never conflict with the capabilities of a 3D printer.

These algorithmic projections are visible on the final work’s surface : a binary display of data visualization. The configuration of the object's angles, rooted in the dancer's movements, lies in the final piece’s color scheme, giving each pair its unique character. The surfaces inclined towards the earth will present design specificities regarding those which face the sky. Reflections and projections. Geometry expresses itself through light, the work is illuminated through its geometry.


3D printing technology brings new means to art creation. The prowess of such an innovation announces a daring future.

Be Twin Lines is the result of an unprecedented encounter between artists, engineers, and robots in search of the magic formula. It required having an exact balance between the viscosity and flow rate of the material, its setting time, and the layers’ thickness during the printing phase : parameters essential for the work’s fabrication performance.

A computer provides the right path to follow thanks to the 3D of the frame, accessible through the NFT. The robot's nozzle emits a string of material and makes each sculpture evolve through a single line that rises up in a spiral motion.


"Giving a soul an appearance..."

Following the inauguration of Be twin lines, Specimens will be unveiled through time.

A Specimen consists of adding a new aesthetic to the work, material, colors and printing path. The shade and the nature of the print will differ from one Specimen to another. Holders will have the choice among these design parameters. The truth of Art is no longer that of the artist, but that of the possibilities it offers...

Be twin lines changes its look and character. Lezar and partners of the project will continue their work over time to offer the public something marvelous, even beyond the project’s roadmap. Challenging the work on a regular basis will ensure its continuation in time.

Throughout the project, there will be a total of nine Be twin lines specimens presented. A tenth and final specimen, in a new and mysterious material, will be available for print just once. The project will finance this first of a kind as a gift to the community once the entire collection has been acquired.